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Per tutti i bambini del mondo

For the children of the world

Who we are 

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Projects in the world 

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Support us 

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Support us

To support projects and activities for the children, you can make a donation in the following ways:


Regione Barbato, 21
15011 Acqui Terme (AL) - Italia

Banca: Carige
IBAN IT65 S061 75479 4200 0000 583480

Banca: Fineco Spa
IBAN: IT06 D030 15032 0000 00031 84 112

Banca: Unicredit
IBAN: IT63 N020 0848 45000 01013 53990

Our current account is: 64869910

Please specify both in the reason for the TRANSFER  and the deposit into the POSTAL  ACCOUNT  the project that you  want to support  (for example: "Distance Adoption Congo").

It is very important that you also specify your name, surname and your full address (if possible also your e-mail address) in order to let us send you the bank transfer receipt and bring you up to date on the child or the work that you support. If we do not  receive this information, your contribution will remain anonymous.

If you do not have a precise idea, your offer will be used for the project more urgent.

3 - ON-LINE  through  Paypal:


4 - (only for Italy) donating 5 X MILLE of your income tax on natural persons  to our association

FISCAL CODE  90017090060

5 - click on IL MIO DONO and specify the project and the amount to donate.


BECOME A PARTNER of Need You Onlus

(only for Italy)

We remind you that your contribution is tax-deductible:

Natural persons, for the amounts donated to our association, can choose between:

deduct  from taxable  income IRPEF (income tax on natural persons) , up to 10% of the total income and anyway  up to a maximum of 70.000 euro per year (Art. 14, Decree Law  n. 35/2005 converted into Law n. 80 of 14/05/2005  - OJ n. 111 of 14/05/2005);

deduct from the gross tax the 19% up to a maximum of € 2,065.83 for the tax period (Article 15, subsection 1-bis of the Consolidated Act n. 917 of 22/12/1986 amended by the Legislative Decree 460/1997 and the Legislative Decree of 12/12/2003 n. 334)

Companies can deduct from taxable income the donations to the association for an amount equal to the 10% of total income and anyway up to a maximum of 70.000 euro per year (Art. 14, Decree Law n. 35/2005 converted to Law n. 80 of 14/05/2005- OJ n. 111 of 14/05/2005).

In both cases, the payment must be made ​​through bank or post office otherwise  through other payment systems provided for by article 23 of the Legislative Decree n.241 of 9/7/1997.

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