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Per tutti i bambini del mondo

For the children of the world

Who we are 

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Why Need You

Need You Onlus is a NO-PROFIT organization set up in order to help poor children living in Don Orione foundation’s communities all over the world. At the moment, Need You also supports other organizations which help children in difficult situations.

Some years ago, Adriano Assandri, a businessman from Northern Italy, together with a group of friends, decided to devote some of their time and money to destitute people, especially CHILDREN.

The aim of the organization is to provide help and protection to children, both in Italy and abroad, with special attention to those living in developing countries.

Need  You Onlus intends to protect and support children and teenagers in the Third World, providing  help constantly.

The main activities are:

- SAD - Distance adoption - (support)- It’s not a legal adoption, but a project that aims to support orphans and children of poor families

- Construction of hospitals, schools, recreation centers, rehabilitation centers, atelier for prosthetic  construction, operating theatres, rescue villages, centers   for vocational  education, sport centers and much more

- Fund-raising  campaigns and events

- Collaboration with other No Profit associations


Words from the President, Adriano Assandri:

Because of my job, I’ve travelled all over the world: from Italy to Venezuela, from North Korea to New Zealand ... I’ve filled up 15 passports with stamps and visas. I’ve met a lot of people from many different countries from whom I've learned a lot about several cultures; it was during my trip to Brazil that something  changed inside me and pushed me to get closer to the world of volunteerism  and international cooperation.

In 1982, I was strolling through the streets of Rio de Janeiro with one of my Brazilian clients, when  my attention was caught by a child who was sleeping huddled up  in front of the bank’s entrance. He was about 8 years old, with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. All of a sudden I thought, "That child is like my brother."

My childhood came into my mind: my neighborhood, my old house, the blankets that didn’t keep warm at all, the arguments over money and my brother with his blue eyes and smile.

Suddenly, I attempted  to get close to the Brazilian child, but my client stopped me and said, "What are you doing? Can’t you see that it’s a street child?". Those words resounded in my head as a warning against a rabid dog. But it was not a dog ... he was a child. A child like my brother.

Just at that moment I thought that if my brother had been born in Brazil, in a favela, he probably would have slept at the entrance of a bank and would have been pointed at as a dangerous animal. His fate would have been different. Very different.

From that moment on I’ve started doing my best to change things. Thanks especially to my meeting with Dr. Santero, I had the opportunity to know the Don Orione Foundation and its Communities in Ivory Coast and Brazil, and to support their projects in order to give children the chance to live a different life. A better life.

Some friends of mine and I decided to set up Need You Onlus in order to synergistically help the children of many communities and missions all over the world.

When people ask me "Why?", I like to tell a story that my dear friend Max Damioli sent me:

“After a storm, a young girl on the beach  was trying to throw back into the sea hundreds of starfishes washed up on the beach by the rough water. A man approached her and asked what she was doing and she replied candidly: “ I’m throwing the starfishes back into the sea”. Then the man said, "Can’t  you see they are millions? What difference can it make?". The girl replied, "It makes a difference for the ones that I throw  back into the sea."

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