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BOOK - Le Due Metà del Cielo

Libro - Le due metà

"Le due metà del cielo", written by Francesca Carbonini and illustrated by Francesca e Libero Gozzini from the study Bandalarga of Milan, with phrases and drawings tells the story of two opposite elements: the sun and the moon which talk together and conjoin in the central pages at the time of the eclipse.

The metaphor of integration is clear.

"Le due metà del cielo" is an interactive book, it gives space to the imagination of children who can paint  the facsimile using the colored pencils attached.

We have published 10,000 copies translated into Italian, English, French, Arabic and Portuguese and we are sending them to thirty states across the world.

The copies written in Italian are distributed in children’s hospitals, prisons, daycare centers, etc..

The project of the book "Le due metà del cielo" has been  totally financed with contributions from banking foundations and private citizens.

The book is available at our association against a minimum offering of €10.