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BOOK - Positivi

Libro - Positivi - copertina

The faces, the eyes and the gazes of African men and women.
The children laugh and play. Forty portraits of people with AIDS who leave their mark.

The Africans are the weakest and most helpless, the first victims of the virus and indifference, a definition that stands out with white words on a black page.

The title "Positivi" conveys the whole message of the book that the photographer Mara Mayer made in collaboration with other authors (Vittorio De Micheli, Francesca Lagomarsini, Maurizio Molan, Giordano Panaro, Manuela Perrone, Pierpaolo Pracca, Fra Fiorenzo Priuli.)

Phrases like “How many times can a man turn his head and pretend he just doesn’t see?” by Bob Dylan, the testimonies of HIV-positive people, the African proverb " Also to the elephant a single day is enough to die."

“Positivi” talks about injustice but also about hope: on the one hand the opulent and forgetful West where HIV seems not to frighten people and where mortality has declined dramatically; on the other hand the tragedy of Africa where the 67% of the 33 million HIV-positive people in the world lives, as well as the majority of those 9 million patients who do not have access to anti-retroviral therapies.

The testimony of Adriano Assandri, President of Need You closes the book.

"Positivi" is dedicated to orphans and HIV-positive children of Nchiru in Kenya; to them the offerings collected for the bookare addressed.
(offerings  starting from €15 each).

The project includes divulgation of the book in high schools.

NB: in the book there is a crossword puzzle, and the solution is here below.


Libro - Positivi - soluzionecruciverba