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Per tutti i bambini del mondo

For the children of the world

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Bukavu - Upinde Project (Rainbow)


Place:  Bukavu
Partner:    Franciscan Sisters N.S. del Monte
Beneficiaries: 500 children - 1.000 people
Cost:   250.000 €


Congo - Bukavu - vecchio accampamento

Construction of a school with a canteen and a dispenser for 500 children living in the "Hell of Bukavu". Our "story" begins with a chance meeting with the Franciscan Sisters, during which we met the Mother General of the Congregation, Sister Octavia, who told us about this camp in which 1,000 people lived in 1,000 square meters huddled in tents with only two toilets and a faucet for water supply. After an inspection of our volunteers we have started the construction of the buildings, and during the following trips, we saw the progress; thanks to the contributions of our benefactors, including the parishes of Cassine and Rivalta Bormida, and the Rotary Club, the residents of the camp finally live in a better accommodation: no more crowded under a shed on the open sewer, but on the hill above, in single tents, a bit wider and brighter than the slum.

In addition to the classrooms we managed to build 48 toilets and some water points. The children attend school in turn and enjoy a daily, warm, nutritious meal.

Much still remains to be done, the school is not yet completed; we continue to raise funds and we expect to complete the project within the year.


Congo - Bukavu - vecchio accampamento2 Congo - Bukavu - vecchio accampamento1

The old camp

Don Pino Piana at the old camp


Congo - Bukavu - rubinetto vecchio accampamento

Congo - Bukavu - aula vecchio accampamento

The faucet of the old camp

Architect Giorgio Olivieri in the classroom of

the old camp where the parents taught the lessons


Congo - Bukavu - nuovo accampamento 

Congo - Bukavu - distribuzione cibo 

 The new camp on the hill

Distribution of food to children


Congo - Bukavu - progetto 

Congo - Bukavu - lavori in corso 

 The project for the new school

Works in progress 


Congo - Bukavu - le prime aule esterno 

Congo - Bukavu - le prime aule interno 

The first new classes - volunteers' visit

 The first new classroom - inside


Congo - Bukavu - Pagoda 

Congo - Bukavu - primi tre edifici 

The pagoda

 The first three buildings


Congo - Bukavu - il quarto edificio 

Congo - Bukavu - Il quarto edificio 1 

The fourth building

The fourth building




Latest events 


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