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Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Bonoua - Vocational Schools

Place:  Bonoua
Partner:    Don Orione 
Beneficiaries: 200 children/boys
Cost:   75.000 €


Costa DAvorio Bonoua Scuole Professionali Falegnameria

In collaboration with the Don Orione Foundation, Need You has created several vocational schools in Bonoua: a training workshop for mechanics and tire dealers with a mechanic’s workshop.

Thanks to Mrs. Anna Balbi, who lived for 18 years in the Community as volunteer, a tailor’s shop and a cooperative were created; there are also training workshops for trade skills:  plumbing, electrical installation, carpentry and brickwork. 

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Bonoua - Piccolo Cottolengo Don Orione


Place:  Bonoua
Partner:    Little Missionary Sisters of Charity - Don Orione 
Beneficiaries: 22 children 
Cost:   15.000 €


Costa DAvorio Bonoua Piccolo Cottolengo1

The Little Missionary Sisters use a house built in 2009 in Bonoua, initially intended for other uses. In fact, it is not appropriate to the problems of the younger guests.

Despite the architectural barriers of the house Sister Jacqueline manages to take care of the kids, supported by the aid of a sister and a novice.

They count on an amount of 500 € monthly, trying to cover the costs of food, clothing, medical care, medicines, electricity, gas, water, telephone for all 22 housed children (from 1 to 28 years).

Children need medication, assistance and food;  Need You raises money to help the community to support the huge cost.


Place:  Bonoua
Partner:    Don Orione 
Beneficiaries: 22 children
Cost:   15.000 €


Costa DAvorio Bonoua Casa Accoglienza

The house has been designed to give an emotional and psychological support to children in difficult situations; it consists of four rooms and three independent bedrooms; it hosts 22 children. We have created a healthy and protected environment for disabled and street children, giving them a more peaceful life.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Yaou - School Canteen

Place:  Yaou
Partner:    Don Orione 
Beneficiaries: 150 children

750 €/month


Costa DAvorio Yaou Mensa Scolastica1

In 2008, Need You sponsored the construction of a school canteen in order to guarantee at least one warm, nutritious meal a day to the children of the village.

The place houses around 150 children, often from displaced families (because of the civil war), which are not able to feed their children.

Our Association sends € 750 at the canteen monthly: with just 5 €, in Ivory Coast, a child has a daily meal for a month.

The other canteen projects:
Kenya - Kandisi
Philippines - Payatas
Philippines - Montalban 
India - Bangalore

Place:  Yaou
Partner:    Don Orione 

10 unmarried mothers/year

Cost:   18.000 €


Costa DAvorio Yaou Puericultura1

In 2009, we started the construction of an infant care house for unmarried mothers. The first funds were collected by our volunteer Sandra Lüscher and his brother, in memory of their mother Marina.

It's a real school that teaches them, during the three years of the course, how to be autonomous in order to become, one day, mothers of family. They learn to do a lot of things: sewing, housework, knitting or crochet work, childcare, household etc…

This will support both the economic situation and the growth of their children, who will have a safer future with the support of a mother aware of its role within the family.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Yaou - Scholarship


Place:  Yaou
Partner:    Don Orione - Don Orione laic movement
Beneficiaries: 200 children
Costo del Progetto:   50 €/year/child


Costa DAvorio Yaou Scholarship1

Our Association contributes each year to the total expense for school taxes, in order to allow the children (about 200) of the community of Yaou to attend school.

They are given educational materials, uniforms, and paid for admission fees; furthermore we’ll do our best to find an appropriate solution for each individual case.

With € 50 per year we give an Ivorian child can hope for a better future.

Place:  Yaou
Partner:    Don Orione - Don Orione laic movement
Beneficiaries: 29 children
Cost:   25 €/year/child


Costa DAvorio Yaou Gemellaggio1

In 2011 a class of the School G. Saracco, in Acqui Terme, followed by the teacher Rossana Benazzo, decided to start their education along with a class of peers from Yaou, in Ivory Coast: the students and their families, encouraged and assisted by their teacher, joined this project with excitement.

Each child maintains one (or more than one) Ivorian "classmate", taking him ideally by the hand , accompanying and being accompanied in the first part of his education; They give 29 peers the opportunity to get an education (which is not so obvious in Africa) with an annual contribution of € 25 and, in turn, sending a message of solidarity and integration that arises from this "growing together".

Over the years, children keep in touch with each other sending drawings, letters and gifts.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Yaou - S.A.D. - Distance Support


Place:  Yaou
Partner:    Don Orione - Don Orione Laic Movement
Beneficiaries: 40 children 
Cost:   250 €/year/child


Costa DAvorio Yaou SAD1

The SAD (Distance Support) is an act of solidarity which has a real impact on the life of a child. With an annual fee of 250 € an Italian family contributes to provide basic medical care, medicines, food and clothing for a child in Yaou.

Families are always numerous; this contribution is essential for many children who, otherwise, would not be able to attend school and have a daily meal.

You can stay in touch with the children, send them gifts, receive letters and news through Madame Aisha, who takes care of them; she manages  the correspondence with us and in case with their families.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Bokoro - Kebia School


Place:  Bokoro
Partner:    Father Joseph Nduita - Father Félicien Boduka
Beneficiaries: 1.300 children
Cost:   120.000 €

Congo - Bokoro - scuola nuova

In 2008, two Congolese priests asked us to build a school for 300 poor children.

The existing building was in bad condition: small and crumbling...

The 300 children who attended the school were forced to stay in cramped classrooms, poorly lit (of course the light of the sun: electricity is a luxury that the village cannot afford), with no chairs and no desks.

We found a contractor willing to direct the work, which carried out an inspection, and the report was not encouraging: Bokoro is 500 kilometers far from the capital Kinshasa; it is a town of about 25,000 inhabitants (we do not know the exact number because there is not a Municipality), including thousands of children, and there are no roads to reach it; it can only be reached by river or military aircraft ...

Imagine how many difficulties we encountered during the implementation of the project, a load of cement evensank during the fluvial transport!

Although we had started to build a school to accomodate 300 children, optimizing costs, with the same expenditure a structure was built  with not only classrooms, but also a toilet, which houses more than 1,300 children!

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Bokoro - Carpentry School


Place:  Bokoro
Partner:    Father Joseph Nduita - Father Félicien Boduka
Beneficiaries: 500 children
Cost:   60.000 €


Congo - Bokoro - falegnameria - revisione attrezzature

Currently underway is the project of building a hangar used as a school of carpentry, to give a chance to young people to learn a trade that will guarantee them a decent future.

Of course, there are many difficulties here too, but once again we encounter Providence: the Art Institut Jona Ottolenghi in Acqui Terme asks us if we are interested in receiving a donation of carpentry workshop machinery that they don’t use.

At this point not linger longer: we mobilize our supporters, we find the means (thanks to the company F.lli Erodio in Bistagno for technical support), we take all the machinery, and our volunteers put them in better conditions.

We have recently sent two container with the tools and other goods.

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