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For the children of the world

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Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Kemba - Pasteur Bomoi School


Place:  Kemba
Partner:    Father Jean Willy Bomoi
Beneficiaries: 800 Children
Cost:   70.000 €


Congo - Kemba - scuola nuova1

The realization of this school for about 800 children was born in response to the call of the village population that reached us through Father Bomoi, with whom we have been collaborating for several years. Together with the Lions Club Acqui Terme Host, and Lions Club International  we created a really fantastic team, and in record time we gave to these Congolese children a safe place to attend classes. Now Kemba has 12 classrooms that will house 800 students in two shifts.

In the jungle, in the middle of nowhere, we managed to create a school for all the children in the area, which, at last, will have the right and the pleasure to study!

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Bukavu - Upinde Project (Rainbow)


Place:  Bukavu
Partner:    Franciscan Sisters N.S. del Monte
Beneficiaries: 500 children - 1.000 people
Cost:   250.000 €


Congo - Bukavu - vecchio accampamento

Construction of a school with a canteen and a dispenser for 500 children living in the "Hell of Bukavu". Our "story" begins with a chance meeting with the Franciscan Sisters, during which we met the Mother General of the Congregation, Sister Octavia, who told us about this camp in which 1,000 people lived in 1,000 square meters huddled in tents with only two toilets and a faucet for water supply. After an inspection of our volunteers we have started the construction of the buildings, and during the following trips, we saw the progress; thanks to the contributions of our benefactors, including the parishes of Cassine and Rivalta Bormida, and the Rotary Club, the residents of the camp finally live in a better accommodation: no more crowded under a shed on the open sewer, but on the hill above, in single tents, a bit wider and brighter than the slum.

In addition to the classrooms we managed to build 48 toilets and some water points. The children attend school in turn and enjoy a daily, warm, nutritious meal.

Much still remains to be done, the school is not yet completed; we continue to raise funds and we expect to complete the project within the year.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Hospital- Ophthalmology- Orthopedics

Place:  Ouagadougou
Partner:    Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 1.500 children/year
Cost:   330.000 €


Burkina Faso - Ouagadougou - progetto

Don Orione Hospital consists of 9 facilities for the reception of the medical staff, volunteers, patients, for the treatment and cure of various diseases and disabilities.

Thousands of children are being cared for and operated at this center: one of the first departments to be operative was the orthopedic one with a prosthesis atelier and rooms for rehabilitation.

In Africa, children with disabilities are very numerous, and often parents abandon them in the forest, aggravating their condition ... you can see them crawling along the paths: for this reason they are called "Snake children". Thanks to this center, thousands of children are able to walk again.

The last of the old building to be completed was the department of ophthalmology; in 2012, with the help of our partner Piergiorgio Benzi of the company  IMEB, we sent there a current generation  of about 250 kW, a current transformer, 3 transformer rooms  and 1 container for all  the electrical accessories necessary for the provision of electricity;  We also sent an ambulance.

Other benefactors joined us and we managed to send about 80,000 € of hospital supplies and humanitarian aid. In Burkina Faso there is a large incidence of infantile cataracts, caused by the sand of the desert, which severely damages the view... For this reason children need  care and interventions ...

Over the last two years, the doctors of the association MK have already been to Ouagadougou  ​​twice, lending their competence  and professionalism in aid of the Burkinese population.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Tampellin - Center and maternity ward


Place:  Tampellin
Partner:    Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 1.000 people
Cost:   6.800 €


Burkina Faso - Tampellin - bimbi

Tampellin is a village in the African savannah 150 km far from the capital city, Ouagadougou, the mission is managed by the Don Orione. We were asked for help for the construction of the interior of the maternity ward of the center, very important in such a situation in Africa where the rules of hygiene and health are not guaranteed. Women are often forced to give birth at home, and they can rarely monitor the pregnancy. We sent  € 3,520 to prepare the building, allowing 350 women to become mothers in safety and comfort every year.

To compensate for the lack of power lines we sent a generator that can provide power to the entire city center, and a washing machine to facilitate the work of the laundry.  In the same year, 2012, the center needed a new metal water tank, closer to the well, to help pump water extraction. The cost was about  €3280: thanks to the support of our donors we achieved  wonderful projects: once and again the mothers and the children of Tampellin have received our support. In a short time, we collected the necessary amount, and we sent it to the center.


Place:  Antananarivo
Partner:    Don Orione - Little Missionary Sisters of Charity 
Beneficiaries: 700 children
Cost:   46.000 €


Madagascar - Antananarivo

In 2011 the Don Orione Sisters in Antananarivo asked for help: they needed funds to complete some locals which offer shelter from rain and cold to about 700 children who attend the center. After a meeting and a visit of our volunteers, we decided to ask for funding to the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference). Pursuing the practice was very complicated and full of formalities, but we have been successful, and the Sisters have received a grant of € 46,000, which gave them the opportunity to create a room with dual function of canteen and post school. Moreover, thanks to the grant, they have been able to build a first floor, above the multifunctional room, which houses the school of cutting, sewing, embroidery and so on. 

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Kandisi - School Canteen


Place:  Kandisi
Partner:    Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 100 children
Cost: 500 €/month


Kenya - Kandisi1

Since June 2012 we have been supporting a small nursery in Kandisi, 25 km from Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. 100 children are welcomed into the structure and thanks to our contribution they can have a warm and nutritious meal a day. Our association sends € 500 to the community every month in order to enable them to face not only the costs related to food, but also the emergency expenses.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Laare - Well project


Place:  Laare
Partner:    Little Missionary Sisters of Charity  - Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 5.000 people
Cost: 15.000 €


Kenya - Laare

Contribution of € 1.550 for the construction of a well for the community of Don Orione in Laare, Kenya, 200 km far from Mugoiri. Two volunteers went to the center, which is in a needy situation.

When the director, Sister Alicja, was sent to Laare, the structure was not reached by the electricity, and it took two years to have it installed ... but there wasn’t the most important necessity: water. People had to walk for hours to get a can of water ...

The work on the well is almost completed;  it has been very difficult: they had to dig to a depth of over 150 meters to find water.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Nchiru - "I bimbi del Meriggio"

Place:  Nchiru 
Partner:    AINA Onlus
Beneficiaries:   100 children

Kenya - NchiruThe AINA Children's Home in Nchiru, in the district of Meru, Kenya, welcomes 100 children with HIV. Some of our volunteers have been to the center to bring support to children. The community is well organized; there is the nursery for the little ones, the dormitory for the older ones, a laundry room, the canteen, the volunteer house and the clinic. The clinic and the school also offer their services to people living outside the center. Our association published, in collaboration with our partners Dr. Molan and Mara Mayer, the book  "Positivi",

the proceeds from the sale, together with any other offer from our benefactors has been sent to the center to support their program.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Eldoret - Vocational Schools

Place:  Eldoret 
Contact Person:    Antonio Carcione
Beneficiaries: 100 children and their families
Cost: 25.000 €


Kenya - Eldoret2

Contribution of € 2,000 for the vocational schools project for girls and young mothers.

One of our volunteers went to Eldoret and took up the call for help of the community: workshops for the manufacture of iron, the production of candles and soap and a small chicken farm, to give the community the opportunity of a better future.

Teaching a craft to a child means giving him the hope of independence and redemption from poverty.


Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Payatas - Scholarship

Place:  Payatas
Partner:    Little Missionary Sisters of Charity - Don Orione 
Beneficiaries: 100 bambini

50 €/child/year


Filippine Scholarship 1

Since 2010 we have been supporting this project: the support of  primary and secondary education for 100 children (equipment purchase - books, pens, uniforms, paper, snacks - and maintenance costs - teachers, internet, electricity etc.. About 50 € per child).


Filippine Scholarship  Children with educational materialo
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