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Per tutti i bambini del mondo

For the children of the world

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Place:  Bardhaj
Partner:    Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 500 bambini

250.000 €


Albania Asilo

In 2003, Need You helped this center to build  churches, a recreation center for children and youths, professional schools: workshop / mechanics school, tailoring, carpentry;  we also support kindergartens and send money for scholarships.

The activities for the children are many: in addition to school and kindergarten, we organize summer camps, recitals, parties, involving the whole community and giving families the security of a safe and constructive place  in which adults and children can participate in the life of the community and build a better future.

Place:  Port-Au-Prince
Partner:    Don Bosco Salesian Sisters - Daughters of Mary Help of Christians - Association "Arc en Ciel"
Beneficiaries: 150 children

works in progress 


Haiti - gruppo

We have been contacted by the humanitarian association "L'arc-en-ciel: un sorriso per i bambini di Haiti", located in Canelli, which aims to help a Salesian mission in Haiti. They have being  sending humanitarian goods to the center even before the earthquake that devastated the island.

The Salesian Sisters rebuilt all the houses of the "Daughters of Mary Help of Christians" to give shelter to  many children orphaned by the tragedy.

We are organizing a container to send the necessary material for  the preparation of the houses and the primary needs of children welcomed there: beds, cabinets, chairs, school desks, stretchers, clothing, shoes, toys and food.

Unfortunately, due to some changes in the governing body of the Salesians of Turin, "Arc en Ciel" can no longer avail of their support regarding the paperwork and logistics of the operation. For this reason, they  count on our help.

150 girls will be able  to sleep in a bed and not on the ground, eat a hot, nutritious meal a day, have medical care and schooling.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:09

Zarqua - Scuola e Centro Ricreativo


Place:  Zarqua
Partner:    Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 440 children

6.600 €


Giordania centro ricreativo

Contribution for the construction of an oratory to enable young Christians and Muslims to meet each other. They needed games. Need You participated in the project by donating € 5,800.

We all know how the integration is important; although this is only a drop in the ocean, teaching tolerance and union from childhood nurtures the hope for a better future .

Further € 800 were sent to purchase tires for the vehicles of the center.


Place:  Gramsh
Partner:    Suore di San Vincenzo
Beneficiaries: 300 bambini

80.000 €


Albania-San Vincenzo

The Sisters of San Vincenzo look after boys and girls physically or mentally ill, the poor and unemployed. Thanks to the presence of these sisters, through their gestures, their care, the warm meals they give, the clothes and thanks to the center they are able to house and help many young people who come from isolated areas of the neighboring mountains. They offer assistance and medical care as well as courses to teach a craft useful for their future. The Sisters also support kindergartens with a hundred children.

Need You has contributed to the projects of the sisters with periodic sending of humanitarian goods, volunteers, livestock and material for the preparation of professional schools, installation of a lift and a mammography machine at the local hospital, the creation of an aqueduct…

We often work with other associations, to contribute to the realization of various projects.


Don Orione Foundation: thanks to the initiative of the Overgom company  Santena (TO) and the Association A.S.D. Vaniglia, since 2012 our Association has received a part of the proceeds from the registration fees at the non-competitive foot race RUN 5:30 in Milan and Turin (€ 1 per participant) to benefit Italian projects. The funds raised in previous years have been donated to the Don Orione center of Genoa and Milan for projects supporting disabled children.

Italia Boggiano Pico  Italia Vacanze 

Purchase of IMBs for the

Piccolo Cottolengo Don Orione of Genoa

Holiday project for the guests of the

Piccolo  Cottolengo of Milan


Caritas Acqui Terme: collection of humanitarian goods to support needy families, contributions for the purchase of food.


 Italia Caritas
 Caritas volunteers with food


San Vincenzo Acqui Terme - Torino: collection of humanitarian goods to support needy families, contributions for the purchase of food, donation of means of transport.



Italia San Vincenzo Acqui   Italia San Vincenzo To

Delivery of "bags" of food at the

San Vincenzo of Acqui Terme

Pick up  of the van and humanitarian goods

by the San Vincenzo of Turin


Misericordia: donation of tires for emergency vehicles, in collaboration with the companies Pirelli and Continental.


Italia Misericordia 

The President Adriano Assandri with the Misericordia’s volunteers

in front of the means  to which Pirelli and Continental supplied tires


G. Saracco School: cooperation and support to the G. Saracco school of Acqui Terme, thanks to collections conducted with the parents of the Class III a, we contributed to the purchase of an interactive whiteboard. We also contributed to repaint the school; we donated a printer to the class:


Italia LIM Saracco   Italia Saracco Stampante

inauguration of the IMB with pupils,

the teachers and the president Adriano Assandri

The class with the printer



Sole e Vita Onlus: contribution for the construction of a kindergarten in Acqui Terme, in order to enable also the children of families who can’t afford it, to join it.


Place:  Săenz Peňa
Partner:    Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 80 famiglie
Raised Funds:  

10.200 €


Argentina gruppo

Saenz Pena (Chaco) is a little community of 80 families which, every day, live with poverty and the difficult work in the countryside. Since parents work all day, children often are left alone: they spend most of their time on the streets where they can easily buy a chewable drug.

Don Orione congregation turned an abandoned chapel into a room used to welcome these children and their families, organize didactic works, post school and meetings with the families. A free canteen is also organized. These kids finally can play in a safe place.

Place:  Guerisaes
Partner:    Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 190 bambini
Contributo Need You:  

15.000 €


GruppoThe community of Don Orione Guerisaes/Uruguay welcomes about 190 street children and provides them a place to find protection from the local underworld (prostitution, drug dealing, theft, etc.) and where to get basic needs (a warm meal, school attendance, etc.). The Centre also has a number of educational projects, useful for learning a trade such as the computer lab, bakehouse, carpentry workshop etc. The same children receive psycho-educational support to overcome various teething problems, which can be the fitting in the community or the deepest problems, obtained by the disastrous conduct life on the road.


bambini in cortile 4  bambini in cortile 5 

Libro - Cè un solo cielo

It 'a Raoul Follerau’s phrase -a life dedicated to the lepers from all over the world- to give the title to this book of fairy tales and stories for children  presented by Need You.

It reminds us that brotherhood and human solidarity have no boundaries.

Distances that once separated the cultures and civilizations of our planet today are no longer so long.

Due to the sensitivity with whom the book presents and defines subjects​​, it is particularly suitable for young and not so young.

Some stories are inspired by tragic situations such as anti-personnel mines  ("Oggi e non ieri") or child soldiers '"Il cielo del Sudan". Others are pure figment of the imagination as "Il re depone lo scettro" or the fable of Greta, the only child author.

The rhymes by Gabriella Zunino, illustrations by Gabriella Pulga, who is also the curator and the author of several short stories, and the cover by  Daniela Tono are the testimony of a choral and, above all, sincere work.

As Armando Serao says in the preface, "... these fairy tales and stories invite us to meditateon our distracted participation in the life of the world. Satisfied by our well-being we are not able to perceive the distant cry of suffering."

It is important for all of us, as Konrad writes, "to be aware of the subtle but insuppressible certainty of solidarity that connects the loneliness of infinite human hearts and of the identity of dreams, joys, sorrows, aspirations, illusions, hopes and fears that unite the whole mankind. "

Need You has embraced the project promoting the spread in schools; the proceeds from the sale will support our projects around the world.

The book is available starting from a €10 offering.

Friday, 12 June 2015 16:06

BOOK - Positivi

Libro - Positivi - copertina

The faces, the eyes and the gazes of African men and women.
The children laugh and play. Forty portraits of people with AIDS who leave their mark.

The Africans are the weakest and most helpless, the first victims of the virus and indifference, a definition that stands out with white words on a black page.

The title "Positivi" conveys the whole message of the book that the photographer Mara Mayer made in collaboration with other authors (Vittorio De Micheli, Francesca Lagomarsini, Maurizio Molan, Giordano Panaro, Manuela Perrone, Pierpaolo Pracca, Fra Fiorenzo Priuli.)

Phrases like “How many times can a man turn his head and pretend he just doesn’t see?” by Bob Dylan, the testimonies of HIV-positive people, the African proverb " Also to the elephant a single day is enough to die."

“Positivi” talks about injustice but also about hope: on the one hand the opulent and forgetful West where HIV seems not to frighten people and where mortality has declined dramatically; on the other hand the tragedy of Africa where the 67% of the 33 million HIV-positive people in the world lives, as well as the majority of those 9 million patients who do not have access to anti-retroviral therapies.

The testimony of Adriano Assandri, President of Need You closes the book.

"Positivi" is dedicated to orphans and HIV-positive children of Nchiru in Kenya; to them the offerings collected for the bookare addressed.
(offerings  starting from €15 each).

The project includes divulgation of the book in high schools.

NB: in the book there is a crossword puzzle, and the solution is here below.


Libro - Positivi - soluzionecruciverba 
Friday, 12 June 2015 16:06

BOOK - Le Due Metà del Cielo

Libro - Le due metà

"Le due metà del cielo", written by Francesca Carbonini and illustrated by Francesca e Libero Gozzini from the study Bandalarga of Milan, with phrases and drawings tells the story of two opposite elements: the sun and the moon which talk together and conjoin in the central pages at the time of the eclipse.

The metaphor of integration is clear.

"Le due metà del cielo" is an interactive book, it gives space to the imagination of children who can paint  the facsimile using the colored pencils attached.

We have published 10,000 copies translated into Italian, English, French, Arabic and Portuguese and we are sending them to thirty states across the world.

The copies written in Italian are distributed in children’s hospitals, prisons, daycare centers, etc..

The project of the book "Le due metà del cielo" has been  totally financed with contributions from banking foundations and private citizens.

The book is available at our association against a minimum offering of €10.


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