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Kalisz - Rehabilitation room and Oratory

Place:  Kalisz
Partner:    Don Orione 
Beneficiaries: 100 children
Need You Contribution:  

32.250 € + humanitarian goods containers shipping costs


Polinia Kalisz sala riabilitazione dopo

Need You sponsored the construction of a rehabilitation center (2007) and an oratory(2010). In 2012  Need You invested € 5,000 in the project of renovationof a new part of the oratory: there are many alcoholics and for this reason many children were born with disabilities. The assistance center takes care of the ones with a serious disability, whereas the others attend the center. In the afternoon it is an oratory, and in the morning a rehabilitation center where children undergo physiotherapy.

Alcoholism is a widespread problem; in order to limit the damages, we decided to provide psychological support for the children of alcoholics by creating a consultation room.

The public school does not provide special assistance for children in difficulty; this support will be provided by volunteers at the oratory. (Need You invested € 5,000 in the oratory project).

Periodically, we send containers of humanitarian goods (food, clothing, furniture, toys, and a car for the center).

Polonia Kalisz Sala riabilitazione prima Polonia Kalisz oratorio
Volunteers in the room that will become the rehabilitation room Children at the center-oratory